Friday, 12 August 2011


Over my Dead Body by Michele Bardsley, Broken Heart Vampire book five.
The main character's in this book are Glory and Simone. When Glory and Simone moved to Broken Heart, Oklahoma it seemed the perfect place to be. Glory's ex-husband had gone after trying to murder her daughter Simone, it was where the now mute Glory felt safe. Glory had been mute since her ex-husband attempted murdering Simone.Simone is hiding some secrets, big secrets. Simone has developed feelings for Braddock Hayes, he turns her legs to jelly just by looking at her. Braddock is helping to build an Invi-Shield around Broken Heart to protect it and all who live there. Braddock is also helping Glory speak again. Simone's past rears its ugly head again....Will it spoil things with Braddock?
Firstly I am not into girly slushy romances but these books combine a touch of that with layers of wit and humour. You pick up the book and before you know it you have finished it.

*please note that these books contain content not suitable for younger readers*

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