Friday, 12 August 2011


Come Hell Or High Water by Michele Bardsley, sixth book in the Broken Heart Vampires series.
Phoebe is at the centre of this latest humorous instalment, though you do get the familiar characters from the previous books in the background, so you get to keep track of them too. Phoebe has a son, Danny who is four years old. Danny is away at Disney World with his human father. Its a good job he is too, because Phoebe is in the middle of a large paranormal drama at Broken Heart, Oklahoma. she is busy helping to retrieve a piece of talisman for Connor. Connor needs the talisman piece to help ward off his awful stepmother Lilith. Lilith is of course non-human, she is in fact a demon. Phoebe is adamant that she will not fall for Connor and his charm, but of course, she does just that.
 Think the cover's for the books are brilliant and of course give you the idea that these are not serious books. The books are a light hearted look at the residents of Broken heart, Oklahoma, and the residents just....well....just happen to be undead!

*Again a note of warning , these books are aimed at adults so the content may not be suitable for young teens*

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