Wednesday, 3 August 2011


The book begins with " I can't tell you how many times I have been told to f**k off"

So that gives a clue to the type of schools Charlie Carroll if referring to in this book.
Charlie Carroll is a successful teacher at a good school, he loves his job , but wants to see the other side. he decides to embark on an adventure as being a substitute at some of Britain's Toughest, Roughest Schools.
Charlie travels around in his camper van.....another dream he once had travelling around in his very own camper van.
Charlie is bewildered by what he sees, pupils threaten him both verbally and physically with a knife. The kids deal drugs on school premises and flash knives at each other. They surf the internet for porn and any other inappropriate site they can find and of course the fights that occur in class.
At times he is almost broken by the experience and often finds himself in tears. then on the odd occasion he will come across a really inspiring kid who are battling against all the odds.

This book is an honest, frank,yet funny account of his time on the road on his journey through modern education system. I did find the book funny but also sad that our schools are in such a poor state. I think I spoiled it somewhat by reading it in close succession to the Frank Chalk book about our schools.

On the Edge by Charlie Carroll is available from £5.31 paperback or £2.99 on kindle

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