Thursday, 4 August 2011


Kiss and Hell by Dakota Cassidy
Delaney Markham is a fairly normal kind of down to earth person with a certain exception, she can see and hear dead people. Which may sound kind of cool, but these dead people have a habit of dropping in on her at the most awkward moments possible! It can make Delaney look rather peculiar to other people, which is probably why she doesn't have a boyfriend at the moment. Delaney tries to make the most of her gift by holding seances , and all seems to be going okay until one day a rather hot looking ghost drops by and refuses to leave. Clyde Atwell the persistent ghost is no ordinary ghost, he in fact is a demon and his first assignment is to take Delaney back to hell with him.

This book is really well written in a chick lit style and you just want to keep on reading it to the end. Delaney and Clyde get into some really funny situations and of course Delaney just wants Clyde to go away at first, after all he is a demon, and all demons are bad....aren't they? Then how come Delaney is rapidly falling in love with a sinfully hot demon? The book is really witty in places and has you laughing till you have tears in your eyes. A brilliant read.

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