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Title: No Releif
Series: EMP Sabotage
Author: Grace Hamilton
Release Date: 11th January 2023

BLURB from Goodreads
The world is ending. But for the survivors, their ordeal has just begun…

Ruth Garber survived the sabotage of the Mako oil platform as the first wave of EMP attacks crippled the southern United States. Now, she’s stranded on the platform with a handful of people. And violent terrorists are closing in…

A desperate mission.

The EMP strikes keep coming as Ruth and the others leave the platform, embarking on a dangerous voyage across the sea. Their mission: to reach safety on an island and find a way to survive. But when they land on what seems to be a tropical paradise, they soon learn they are not alone. And all is not what it seems.

A world gone dark.

Meanwhile, Ruth’s brother, Ronny, may have discovered the key to stopping AILS, the shadowy organization behind the EMP strikes. Ruth and fisherman John decide to seek him out on the mainland, leaving her granddaughter Stella and the rest of the crew to prepare for an impending attack.

But as civilization decays around them, they quickly learn they’re not the only ones who are fighting to survive…

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After the way bk 1 ended I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one to read it!
Once again the cover could be a depiction from a specific scene within the book. I’d say the two characters featured prominently on it are Ruth Garber and John Baron who teamed up during the first bk and succeeded in finding out who the very dangerous mole on the oil rig was.

With the threat of the terrorist group AILS coming to take over the oil rig the group of survivors decide to try to find somewhere else to settle. They come across an island and the cruise ship that had manically waved for help as it passed the rig in bk1 seems to already have organised themselves somewhat, but all is not what it seems and they are soon involved in the problems of the island that is being ruled in a rather tyrannical fashion. The oil rig group help the islanders but decide that life on this nearby island isn’t a great idea either, so the group decide to return to the oil rig and prepare for battle against the terrorist group AILS. They intend to hold onto the rig at all costs.

Shortly after returning Ruth decides she needs to contact her brother Ronny who designed the oil rig as he should be able to help them defend the rig against the terrorists group. It’s going to be a race against time as to whether Ruth will get back to the rig before AILS arrive but it’s decided that they have to try, having Ronny’s insider knowledge could be the thing that gives them the edge in the fight for control of the oil rig. Of course, there are lots of too-ing and fro-ing about who should go to the mainland to visit Ronny and ask for his help. Of course, Ruth has to go as its her brother, but her granddaughter, Stella wants to go too. Finally, it is agreed that Ruth should not go alone, and it should be John who accompanies her, leaving Stella and John’s son, Curtis with the rest of the oil rig workers to start defence preparations.
The book is kind of split into the following “groupings”, Stella & Curtis and those on the rig, Ronny and what is happening to him, AILS point o view and the final section being the dynamic duo of Ruth & John together on land trying to battle their way through what is now hostile country due to travelling gangs to get to her brother Ronny. Ronny has the now very valuable original plans of the oil rig at his property. Ruth fully expects her brother to be safe on his own land as he was always the type to be ultra-prepared for the current EMP attack. Ruth isn’t sure what sort of a welcome she will receive from her brother as they aren’t on the best of terms but that doesn’t stop her shock and horror at finally arriving at Ronny’s home to find traces of blood and her brother gone.

I don’t want to reveal anymore but there’s lots of action, angst and adventure from the beginning of the book to the end with a few surprise twists thrown in too. Theres also the possible romances between Ruth & John and Stella & Curtis running alongside of the main parts of the plot to which is a great addition. I do like these four characters and though Ronny seems like he could be an awkward man I liked his character too. I have to admit to disliking Kay to begin with but I kind of think that was Grace Hamilton’s intention because she wanted us the reader to think of Kay as a potential suspect in bk1.

I definitely recommend reading this series, I’ve been hooked from the first few pages of bk1 and still are! There seems to be the promise of lots more to come from bk3. I am already (im)patiently waiting for the next book!

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