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Title: Escaped
Series: The Tomb
Author: Ella Burns
Genre: Dark Dystopian, Adult Fiction
Release Date: 12th October 2020

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Outside the walls of the Tomb, the memories of what there is to fear in the world come back quickly. Instead of prison politics, we now have the real world to contend with.

Ax doesn’t take my worries seriously, too caught up in his freedom to recognize the danger we are in while being on the run. When one of our own is taken captive again, the threads holding us together continue to unravel.

Loving him was never something I intended, but can our love survive outside the Tomb walls?


It’s easy to forget outside prison walls the world moves on without us. I have my freedom but being on the run is not the life I want to provide for Ana. Pulling her out of that pit so broken and in pain broke my heart, and even away from the Tomb, she is ill and acting strange.

She’s my woman, my Goddess, my Queen, and I would do anything for her. But is that enough? Will she still love me now that she has her freedom, or was our story only ever meant to stay within the walls of The Tomb?

A dark and dystopian romance, The Tomb: Escaped is book 3 in The Tomb series
The Tomb: Exposed
The Tomb: Ensnared
The Tomb: Escaped

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As soon as I finished reading Ensnared, I knew that Escaped was an absolute must read for me!
Once again on the cover we have the tattooed back of Axle, one of the main characters in the book. I love how all the covers run with the similar theme and bet they look amazing on a bookstore shelf together.

This book basically picks right up where Ensnared left off. I found it really easy to slip right back into this harsh world that these great characters are trying to survive in. I still had unanswered questions from the last book, especially the smaller details about one of the younger characters, Ciaran who seems to have something he thinks is important to tell Ax & Ana. Something happens in the book that has me thinking it’s something really important too!

Some of the inmates were killed in the escape and other immediately decided to go off and take their chances alone. However, there’s about 23 that remain with Axle and Ana. They manage to catch some food and have water from a nearby stream to both drink and wash in. It does become apparent that they will need to go into the town Sammi reveals is nearby to get new clothes and to attempt to build new lives. In this book it seems that everyone has reverted to Ax being their leader, not that Ana is really bothered as long as the two of them are together. It soon becomes apparent it is going to be those that hadn’t been in The Tomb so long that would need to lead the way. So Sammi reveals what she knows about the nearby Town where her pimp lives, Ana tries to explain how difficult things are on the outside. Axle, Ethan and some of the others inmates think life will be easy now they are free from The Tomb. No matter how many times Sammi or Ana attempt to warn them and encourage them to be more cautious, the men think they invincible.
Eventually it is decided it is much safer for the 23 to split into smaller groups and approach the nearby town, rather than all descend at once, making it obvious they are the inmates from The Tomb.

Ethan of course goes with Sammi, and a few others, whilst Axle and Ana have the dead body they need to bury on the way as well as Brutus who still acts like a personal bodyguard to Ana and Theo the older man that took Ana under his wing when she first entered The Tomb. Unfortunately, Ana & Axle’s group have to hurriedly hide when they hear members of The Watch. When their small group re-groups there is another body to bury.

Such a lot happens in this book and of course, I don’t want to give everything away. The main four characters of Axle, Ana, Ethan & Sammi have some good luck, decent judgement and make some good choices, but there are also occasions of the only luck they have being the bad sort, there’s bad decisions and poor choices too.

I think an example of the good luck is when Ana meets up with Ceyda, who despite being a brothel owner turns out to be trustworthy and helpful on more than one occasion. Ethan & Sammi have bad luck when they decide to retrieve her belongings from her room. They choose a time of day that Sammi’s pimp Ali shouldn’t be around…..but he is and a fight breaks out and Ethan ends up in the local jail. When Ax & Ana’s group arrive in the town, which Ana later learns was once called Tekir, his first instinct is to go in and fight to free the man he see’s as a brother. Ana manages to calm him down and say they need to think and make a plan to free Ethan.

The characters Axle, Ana, Ethan and even Sammi are all celebrating freedom and relief from escaping The Tomb and head guard Dick and his men. Then Ethan has they altercation with Ali, landing him in jail awaiting what his fate will be when Tahar, the leader of the local Watch returns. Of course, there is fighting, injuries and loss in this book, but there is also friendship, love, new families and roots being laid for a better future and a big surprise that Axle and Ana just didn’t see in their future.

I adored the growing relationship between Axle and Ana, both strong willed, physically strong with their own ideas of what their future should be like. Where Axle guided Ana somewhat whilst in The Tomb, it is Ana who needs to educate Axle how the world outside works. Similarly, the relationship between Ethan and Sammi is growing more serious. Ethan wants Sammi and he is willing to remove anyone that may stand in their way of happiness. The four main characters really compliment each other well and make a tight formidable group. The two males do learn that they cannot take on the world alone and win. With the help of Ana who befriends a young boy, then becomes friends with Ceyda who is already a good friend and confidante to Sammi they create a small group of like-minded people that are sick of being pushed around by The Watch.

My immediate thoughts upon finishing this book were, Ohhhhh wow! Loved it! Still totally adore Ax, Ethan, Ana & Sammi, as well as instantly liking new characters Omer & Ceyda. Ecstatic that there is more to come from this series! Looking forward to reading it already, definitely going on my must-read list! Who is this man called the messiah? Want can he want with Ax, Ana & Ethan? Revenge? To control them? Or to kill them?

To sum up, once again I totally loved this book, I still totally adore the four main characters as well as falling for the young brave boy, Omer, that Ana befriends along with Ceyda a brothel owner. I still wonder about the full story was that Ciaran was going to tell Axle, Ana, & Ethan. I wonder who Crow is and why he has an interest in how Axle & Ethan are doing? There’s mention of the man in charge of everything who calls himself the “the messiah,” and the hint that he may decide to “visit” them whenever he see’s fit. What could that mean for them? I still thought the terms of endearment that Axle uses when speaks to Ana were a beautiful addition to the book and enjoyed googling them to learn their translations into English.

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