Tuesday 19 February 2019


Title: 365 Ways To Beat Stress
Edited by: Adam Gordon
Genre: Self Help
Publisher: Watkins Publishing
Release Date: 19th February 2019

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No other book offers so many easy-to-use and diverse stress-relief techniques in a uniquely attractive gift package.

With a different technique or tip for each day of the year, no other book offers such a wide range of ways to release stress and anxiety, all set in an attractive illustrated design that will make dipping in for inspiration a joy. All the practices are effective yet also easy to follow, even if you have never tried them before, and range from energy techniques such as simple shiatsu, to quick stress fixes such as visualizing a blue bubble, to methods of life simplification such as avoiding a news overload and rationing your evenings out, to inspiring visualizations such as imagining yourself as the sky or as a lotus floating on water. This is one of the first two publications in a new 365 series from Watkins, showcasing easy, accessible and effective approaches to dealing with our demanding modern lives. Readers are free to work through the book in any order they like, either using the chapter headings to deal with aspects that they feel need particular attention (for example, home, work, relationships, mind and spirit, or stress and emotions), flicking through at random or selecting ideas in chronological order. There is no need to subscribe to any particular belief, lifestyle or long-term practice; this is simply a collection of brilliantly effective ideas that together have the potential to transform lives.

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As I am a full time carer of my mum who is diabetic, has Menieres Disease, arthritis etc for ten years and then more recently my dad who has mixed dementia which consists of Vascular & Alzheimers, I am er. . .busy and naturally get stressed. Added to my own health issues I am always looking for ways to feel peaceful or de-stress so when I came across 365 ways to find peace I thought it may be helpful for me to read it and thinking along those same lines I decided this book might be a good book to read too. I mean I think if they are being honest most people will admit to being stressed out at some points in their life or work. I think we could all do with a little help to de-stress our lives.

The cover of this book has a pale. Pastel peach as its background and has feathers and butterflies which I guess when you think about those item’s they could relax you and so help with stress. Would this book cover stand out on a bookshelf? I can’t honestly say as it would depend on what other books is was nearby.

The genre of this book is self-help, though I think could fit into the “gift book” category. It could also be within the “new year/ new me” type of genre.

So what can I say for the book, well it was an interesting read but it mostly consisted of ways to de-stress that I already knew. I suppose if you sit down with a cuppa and this book that would be relaxing and help you de-stress too.

The books suggestions go into detail on how to achieve the best results by doing things such as “Wake up naturally” and “Engage all five senses.” The one I often do is “Sing in the Shower”. The book continues suggesting “Put on a bright shirt”, “Decide to be happy”. The suggestion/way to that I loved was “Read a classic” Well I don’t read many classic books but I do find that reading does reduce my stress level. Whether its reading a magazine, a newspaper, a textbook, or a fictional story, they all provide escape from whatever is/was stressing you!

This book was fairly interesting to read as an ebook, but personally I think it would be much better to read as a physical book. I feel some books are just better in a physical format to flick back and forth through.

It would make a good gift idea for someone. As the title says 365 Ways to beat stress as a physical book it could be read on a daily basis. 

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