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Title: Antidote
Series: Antidote
Author: Taylor Hondos
Genre: YA, Sci-Fi, Dystopian
Publisher: Patchwork Press
Release Date: 1st June 2016

BLURB from Goodreads
Life sucks, and then you rot. No one knows how Dermadecatis is contracted, but its existence has changed everything for 18-year-old Lena, in this riveting debut from Taylor Hondos.

No contact with other people. 

Masks must be worn in public at all times. 

Four months ago men, women and children alike began to rot from the inside out, and the world as we know it changed forever. Life goes on, but now everything revolves around the need to survive and find a cure for Dermadecatis, the disease that Lena Alona's father discovered. 

Unfortunately for Lena and everyone else who is desperate to survive, her father's secrets died when he did.


Taylor is the author of the "Antidote" trilogy. She began studying at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2013 and is getting a degree in English. She enjoys reading and writing instead of doing her homework. She is currently working on "Prospect," the second book in the trilogy.


Hello Taylor, First of all could you give an overview of the Antidote series, please?
The Antidote series is about a disease going around that makes the skin rot from the inside, out. Lena Alona’s father is the lead researcher for a cure to the disease. An evil man, who shall remain unnamed for now, murders him before he can come forth with a cure. A lot of pretty cool stuff happens but that could contain spoilers. There is a love story (of course) and some kickass robots.

I’ve read the blurbs for both Antidote and Prospect on Goodreads (and yes I’ve added them to my Want To Read List!) They sound kind of post-apocalyptic/dystopian to me (my favourite genres!), but what genre would you put them into, and was it a conscious decision to write that genre?
I love Goodreads! I am so glad you have both books on your want to read list (: Dystopian is my favorite genre too! I would definitely throw the series into the Young Adult Science Fiction genre. It wasn’t a conscious decision to write in that genre. I just wrote the story and when I was finally finished, I had to sit down and decide what genre fit best.

How did you come up with the Title and Cover Design for Antidote? Who designed the Cover? (I love the cover!)
The title came to me while I was editing. The title I had chosen at the time didn’t feel quite right. I was listening to some music and a song came on called “The Antidote” by St. Vincent. I definitely had a moment and the title was born! The cover design was my idea. My cover designer, Ashley Ruggirello brought it to life. I could thank her a hundred times over for it.

Is Prospect already written, or are you still making adjustments to it?
Prospect has been ready for some time now. Long story short, I am making final adjustments and it will be out before you know it!

And finally a question about your own reading preferences, what is your favourite genre to read and why?
I go through reading phases. Sometimes I want to read only Young Adult and sometimes I want to focus on a classic, like Wuthering Heights. Right now my phase is romance, specifically Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I never stray away from fiction though. I will proudly say I don’t like nonfiction books (don’t hit me). I love to read just about anything, but I think my favorite genre is Dystopian. I love to read about how to the world could turn out by the actions we make.

Thank you for taking part in this Interview ~ Jeanz
Thanks for having me! - Taylor

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