Thursday, 11 August 2011


Unbeaten: The Story Of My Brutal Childhood by Kim Woodburn is literally her tragic life story. In parts you will be in tears. Kim always looks so in control on tv, that it is hard to believe she had such a lack of confidence due to her upbringing. For Kim Woodburn finding fame in her 60s in the smash hit television series How Clean is Your House? with fellow dust-buster Aggie Mackenzie is like living a fairytale. Often she has simply wished that she had never been born, for Kim has overcome horrific emotional and physical abuse both at the hands of her alcoholic mother and her philandering, sexually abusive father. In her brave and revealing story Kim's memories of growing up are not of love and cuddles, but of beatings and random cruelty. Shuttled between the brutal houses of her warring parents, a succession of miserable children's homes and a grim convent -- Kim's past has cast a long shadow over her life. But just before her sixteenth birthday she finally made her escape. It has taken decades of hard work, and a wonderfully happy marriage to conquer depression but now she has emerged unbowed and unbeaten as Britain's Queen of Clean.

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