Thursday, 4 August 2011


Matched by Ally Condie.
On her seventeenth birthday, Cassia meets her Match. The person whom she has been perfectly matched to, or so the society insists. In Cassia's society officials decide who people are to fall in love with, how many children they have and even when they die.
But Cassia finds herself falling in love with someone else, the boy whose face flashed on the screen briefly at the Matching Ceremony before Xander's face was shown as her Perfect Match. Cassia is determined to make some of her own choices, thats when things start to fall apart....
Another great book that I seriously could not put down. A very different concept, kind of a futuristic version of an arranged marriage. Descriptions are detailed, for example you can visualise the dress Cassia wears at her Matching ceremony, and you really do understand how she must be feeling too.

The second book in the series is due out on 24/11/11 and is called Crossed. (can't wait!)

Available from £6.29 or £3.49 on kindle. £4.69 or £3.84

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