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ISBN: 978-0007327720
Publisher: The Friday Project (6 Aug 2009)
Pages: 272
Formats Available: Paperback, Kindle

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How much do you know about what really goes on at your local supermarket?
We see them every week and they are privy to some of our most intimate secrets - those we wouldn't even share with our closest friends. To us they are the anonymous helpers for whom nothing is too much trouble. But for them, every customer has a part in a gripping soap-opera of lovers' tiffs, family feuds and extraordinary innuendos - turning the daily life of a checkout girl into a hilariously entertaining farce.
As we began to contend with the recession, Tazeen Ahmad realised that the supermarket checkout was the perfect place to gauge how the nation was coping with increasing job cuts, sky-high food prices and a billion pound hole in our economy. The answer, it turns out, was with white bread, ice cream and lots and lots of potatoes.
Sworn at, flirted with and at the receiving end of endless customer rants, The Checkout Girl is the deliciously gossipy memoir of life on the supermarket conveyor belt where each one of us has unwittingly had a walk-on part. Reading her story will change the way you shop forever.


This book was so soooo funny at times I laughed out loud until tears streamed down my cheeks! Having been a checkout girl myself at a well known large book retailer I sympathised with Tazeen with the customer complaints as well as the odd questions and the fact people want free carrier bags (but the company doesn't want you to give them out). This type of book could be easily read on the bus on the way to work etc it would certainly brighten up your journey!
I won't give away any of the funny instances that are covered in the book as I personally think it would spoil the fun of reading it yourself!

This book is Available at and is worth the money for the laughs. If you fancy a light read or need cheering up this book is for you, you really cant help but laugh at it.

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