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ISBN/ASIN: 9781937744144
Publisher: JTaylor Publishing
Pages: 344
Formats Available: E-book

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What eighteen year old Mac Thorne doesn’t know will probably kill her.

In exactly eight months, five days, three hours and thirteen minutes, Mac has to choose what she’ll be for the rest of her life.

She has no choice but to pick. As a Changeling, it’s her birthright. To Mac, it’s a birth chore. Like going to school with humans, interacting with humans, and pretending to be human during the pesky daylight hours.

Once darkness descends, Mac can change into any supernatural form that exists—which makes her as happy as she can be. That is, until Winn Thomas, the biggest geek in her senior class figures out there’s more to what hides in the dark than most are willing to acknowledge.

In this first of the 19th Year Trilogy, Winn might know more about Mac than even she does, and that knowledge could end their lives, unless Mac ensures the powers-that-be have no choice but to keep him around.

I received this e-book from JTaylor Publishing in exchange for my honest review.
The cover has a female on it whom I would presume is Mackenzie. Mackenzie or Mac as she prefers to be called likes to hang out in the cemetery after dark. She has a favourite tree and a favoured few headstones she hangs around too. The cover depicts all that very well. By now you will be thinking that Mac is at best a little strange? Well she is quite different, you see Mac is a "Changeling". So Mac is "special" at night she change literally change into more or less anything, vampire, demon, dragon, fairy,or witch to name a few. All that sounds great and I would say from reading the book Mac enjoys the fact she can change at her own will every night. During the day time Mackenzie is a normal human teen. The one rather large problem she has is that she must choose one of those forms to stay as forever by her birthday. The council made up of one of each of her possible choices continually pressures her to choose early but she resists. The council and her surrogate parents a fairy for a mother Alina and a vampire father Lucas are allowed to help her by answering her questions, which sound straight forward until you discover that Mac has to ask exactly the right questions to obtain her answers.
There are lots of "laws" and "rules" to be learnt as the reader but it makes the book all the more interesting to the reader. Also theirs a rather important book in the plot too. Winn a rather geeky guy from school has found a book and it has Mac totally engrossed....then Mac and Winn are paired together for a school assignment on mythology which the book is about. When Mac finally gets a good look at the book she realises the author has the exact same full name as herself but how can that be? Winn and Mac get quite close which could be dangerous, as the council do not like "mixed relationship" will Mackenzie ever make her choice. In fact she has to choose a "teacher to help her work out what she wants to be. Who can she choose, Josie the siren, or Felix the vampire perhaps, their are plenty of choices but who does choose? Who, if anyone does she trust?
This book is packed with action, mystery, and suspense as well as unlikely friendships, traitors, protectors and romance. I love how the book is written and will be looking out for other books by the author.
So did I enjoy this book? Yes, I really did. Would I recommend this book? Yes and will be doing so, to my daughter and my blogger/reader friends too! Would I like to read more in this book series? Yes please Bk#2 is already on my wishlist. Would I be interested in reading more by Emi Gayle? Yes definitely.

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