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Title: Mated To Curves Bk2
Mated To Curves Series
DV Fischer
Release Date:
24th September 2023

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Joyce is a therapist. She specializes in trauma and death, and she’s good at her job. With that in mind, she can’t understand why shifters would go to an underground fight club, least of all the mate who doesn’t want her, to beat the crap out of each other. But Avani is her best friend and she drags her there anyway. It’s torture, knowing that her mate doesn’t want her, but she’s determined to get to the bottom of his pain whether he likes it or not. 

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I really like the same shade of cover and the similarities to the cover of Mated To Curves bk1. The subtle differences representing the two different characters at the centre of this story.

Though I am pleased that Avani and Cade do still feature in this book too.

The central ‘couple to be’ in bk2 are Joyce and Kye who we met in bk1 at Cade’s fighting club for shifters. When Joyce set eyes on Kye when her best friend Avani was fighting him near the end of bk1 they both experience the instant connection and pull of the mate bond though Kye’s initial instinct seemed to be to immediately run away from it and ignore it.

It’s decided by the already bond mated Avani that all Kye needs is some encouragement so she chooses what she considers a suitable outfit to catch Kye’s attention. This leaves a rather self conscious Joyce seriously out of her comfort zone in a short dress. She had thought that the outfit Avani chose would be a low cut top and jeans shorts but nope she has gone full on glamour in the outfit choice for her best friend and Joyce is finding the dress is somewhat uncomfortably short!! When the outfit isn’t enough to grab Kye’s attention and drag him to Joyce, Avani puts the next stage of he plan into action. Avani encourages another unsuspecting shifter to show Joyce attention, though to be fair Joyce had been attracting looks from a lot of shifters in her current outfit! The fact another male is in his opinion leering over his mate certainly drags Kye to her side. However, it soon becomes apparent though he doesn’t want to accept and act on the bond he also doesn’t want anyone else around Joyce either! In fact, its Joyce’s defiant remark about her dating others that has Kye grabbing and kissing her. Kye is confused and still trying to resist the temptation of the mate bond when Cade reaches out and offers him a safe place for his wolf to run free. Aaron also reaches out offering Kye help and a friendship but Kye prefers his own company. Kye has a had a difficult life and lost people he loved so is reluctant to become attached to anyone. It seems like he needs a therapist to talk to, a therapist like Joyce!

Avani continues to scheme and plan, constantly pushing Kye and Joyce together in different ways, and on occasions it works with things becoming rather steamy between the pair but Kye always pulls back. Avani isn’t giving up though and continues her sneaky plans to get Kye and Joyce in the same places at the same time.

Avani and Cade are turning into almost the “parents” of the other shifters or should I say the Alphas they are is beginning to shine through, but will this put them and the other shifters at the fight club in danger?

Joyce has been experiencing issues with a rather pushy patient/client calling himself Gerald, though when Joyce sets eyes on him she realises the man is not whom he says he is and possibly has some dark ulterior motive by coming to her work.

It is when Kye has been coerced into dropping Joyce at her work as a therapist that he spots an aggressive patient/client accosting Joyce and acts on pure instinct, and insists he sit outside “guarding” his mate whilst she is at work, he even refers to himself as her boyfriend.

So, is Kye accepting the bond?

I really enjoyed reading Joyce and Kye’s story. Kye however was so very, very stubborn and determined to resist as much as he can, though who could blame him with his sad past.

It was amusing to read the different ways Avani continued to push them together. It's quite funny that he is such a big tough guy and is struggling against his mind, his past, his body, his heart and perhaps the most difficult thing to fight his inner wolf!!

Summing up once again, I literally read this in one sitting/reading session. You can’t help wanting to continue reading until the end! Very addictive reading! Looking forward to reading Mated To Curves bk3!!




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