Thursday 5 November 2020


 An emotional slow burn romance of forbidden love, 

intense chemistry and second chances…

One kiss is all it takes…

Title: Willow Creek
Author: Karen Ann Hopkins
Publisher: Harpercollins UK, One More Chapter
Genre: Romance, Women's Fiction
Release Date: 23rd October 2020

BLURB from Goodreads
When Katie Colter’s life was saved during a ferocious storm by Rowan Coblentz, an Amish boy from the neighbouring settlement, she repaid his kindness with a kiss.  And in that one moment a forbidden love was ignited.  But when Katie’s father found the young lovers together, he banished Rowan, and Katie never saw him again…

Now, six years later, with her father dead and the family farm in jeopardy, Katie needs Rowan’s help.  But the shy young Amish boy she once knew has grown into a handsome and forceful man.    
The attraction between them is still as strong as ever, but Katie’s life is on her family farm, with the horses she loves, and Rowan’s place is within his sheltered Amish community.   Can their love find a way, or will it remain forbidden, forever?

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The cover has a really warm inviting cover and makes you want to know more about the couple sat at the waters edge. I’d say it would make me pick it up from a bookstore shelf to take a look at the blurb. Being totally honest I have read other books by this author so I would always check out anything she released too!

The book begins with a prologue and a young girl called Katie Porter taking a tumble from her horse during a storm. As she is attempting to calm her horse a young man approaches to help called Rowan Coblentz, he works at her parent’s farm/horse business, Katie has a serious crush on Rowan the handsome looking Amish boy even though he has always been quite stand-off-ish towards her. So, Katie doesn’t really want to accept any help from him but ends up having to do so as Rowan has her ride his horse back to the farm and he takes her still slightly skittish horse. When they arrive back at the barn, they share a moment and end up kissing, then Charlie walks in on them and sacks Rowan on the spot, telling him to never come back.

Then the actual book begins and is set 6 years later, Charlie Porter is in a car crash with the woman he is cheating on his wife, Anne with. The woman lives and Charlie dies leaving wife Anne, and daughter Katie alone on the farm/horse business. Charlie has also left them with a lot of debt, behind in payments etc. Katie has hurt her arm and is unable to break the new horses in time for the auction. Katie knows that the horses need to bring a decent price if they want to hold onto their home. Katie calls the Coblentz farm and speaks to Rowan, offering him the job of getting the horses ready for sale. This fits in with Rowans need to earn some extra money to help his sister Rebecca. To say Rebecca isn’t fond of the Amish way of life is an understatement. Her dream is to be an artist and live the English way. Rowan is worried for his sister though agrees to help her leave with some money to get started in a new life with. Others have left the Amish and most fail, but Rebecca is determined to leave and show she can survive as an English person. Rebecca doesn’t eat much, and tries to keep her head down, she is a loner but others in the Amish community do not include her so she really is a lonely figure in this book. Rebecca however is very astute and more or less tells Rowan to choose wisely when his time comes.

Of course, old feelings soon re-emerge between Katie and Rowan, just when things look to be going well between them Katies mum Anne tells her about the Amish man she herself dated and how it broke her heart before she married Charlie. It was a mixture of sadness and irony that at first made it look like history could possibly repeat itself. Consequently, this sets Katie in the mindset that Rowan just wants some sort of fling before he settles for a quiet Amish wife and family. There are misunderstandings on both side, and that’s all I am going to say really, you honestly need to read this book!! Things soon become even more complicated for Rowan when the Bishops own daughter, Miriam sets her sights on him becoming her husband.

My favourite characters were of course Katie, Rowan, Rebecca and Nathaniel. I adored how Katie could be so naïve and mushy over Rowan one minute, yet at the same time be a confident, powerful business woman the next. Rowan really reminded me of Noah a character from Karen Ann Hopkins Temptation series. I had mixed feelings throughout the book on Rebecca, I wanted her to be happy which for her meant leaving the Amish, however I worried something really bad would happen if she did leave. I immediately fell in love with Nathaniel, Rowan’s younger brother, there’s a specific scene nearer the end of the book where he runs up and hugs his older brother despite the probability of being punished for doing so. Another great moment happens at the horse sale between Anne and Katie concerning the sale of Remington.

My first thoughts upon finishing reading this book were that this was another amazing book about Amish & English love. Wonder if we will hear more from this world? Perhaps about Rebecca? Rowan reminded me of Noah, the innocence, determination & passion of the Amish men that fall in love with English women ....

To sum up I absolutely adored cosying up and reading this book. I thought the book felt like a quick read with chapters from the point of views of Katie and Rowan. I am really looking forward to more from this series, I hadn’t realised how much I had missed reading about Amish/English love. I still find the Amish culture and way of living fascinating.

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