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Title: Tongue Twisters
Illustrated by: Amy Mullen
Genre: Childrens Fiction
Publisher: Xist Publishing
Release Date: 1st September 2018

BLURB from Goodreads
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? 
Classic Tongue Twisters are paired with cheery illustrations in this new collection. Children will be introduced to Peter Piper (and his peck of pickled peppers), a young fisher named Fischer, a flea and a fly who flew up a flue and many many more funny tongue twisters. Amy Mullen's delightful illustrations update classic characters and tongue twisters guaranteed to trip you up.


When I saw this children's tongue twister book I couldn't resist reading it. One of my Uncle's always used to tease myself and my cousins, saying them and trying to get us to say them back to him.

The cover is bright and attractive and I would imagine it will certainly draw the eye to it on a bookstore shelf. The genre of the book is listed as Children's Fiction, but I thoroughly enjoyed the book myself and I could imagine the book making a great stocking filler Christmas Gift for a wide age range.

Each tongue twister has a double page dedicated to it with a really clever illustration to go with it. I read the kindle version of the book and the colour's seemed quite bright and I would imagine attractive to children. The tongue twisters ranged from ones I had heard a lot as a child, such as Peter Piper picked a peckled pepper, and She sells sea shells on the sea shore to new ones I hadn't heard of before such as Betty Botter bought some butter, and Once upon a barren moor.

As I finished the book I really wanted even more, but for a young child I think this book is a perfect first collection of tongue twisters.

As I said above this really brought some precious childhood memories back to me and had me chuckling. My daughter is now 22 yrs old so not really they market this book is aimed at. Though I still had fun saying the tongue twisters myself and then challenging my daughter to say them, to see who could recite them the fastest with the least mistakes. I would definitely put it on your Christmas stocking filler list! 

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