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Title: Lights Out In The Attic
Author: Judith R Schram
Illustrator: Ellen Rontal
Publisher: First Edition Design Publishing
Genre: Self Help, Mind & Body
Release Date: 19th June 2015

BLURB from Netgalley
“Lights Out in the Attic” is a lighthearted, humorous and, at times, poignant look at aging for women of the boomer generation. Author Judi Schram believes that as we all inevitably go through this aging process, the best way to do it is together, and with laughter. Chapters include: Body Parts, Memory, Doctors, Marriage, Family and Friends. Each poem is accompanied by a delightful illustration by talented artist Ellen Rontal. This is a great tabletop book for stolen pick-me-up moments, as well as a perfect gift for a fellow boomer.

I saw this little book and thought it sounded like a fun read. Also the cover image, though basic, done in a cartoon style it does attract your attention.

After initial problems downloading this ebook which both Netgalley and the publisher quickly sorted out I downloaded an e-copy.
The cover is fairly plain with the coloured band at the top with the title on and the tagline/byline at the bottom in a black band. The cartoon style woman on the front of the book is amusing and who of us having felt like that cartoon character!
Would the cover make me pick this book up in a store? This is a difficult one as sure I find the cover funny but would it really jump out at me on a book store shelf enough for me to pick it up? Honestly I'm not that sure I would pick it up purely on the strength of the cover. Having said that if I was looking for a humorous gift and was specifically browsing that section, then the cartoon figure would push me to pick the book up. So I'd say the cover is doing its job.
This book contains funny poems of various lengths. The book is split into sections/chapters with similar poems grouped together such as Memory, Diet & Weight Loss,Marriage and Childproof and more.
Some of the poems don't quite have the rhyme or rhythm, and I have to admit I prefer the ones with the rhyme or rhythm in them.
So one of my favourite's is from the Marriage section/chapter is the Remote Poem all about the TV remote etc. Though during reading this poem you realise that the book has poems within it that have Americanism's. I also smirked the whole way through the Childproof poem.
I did feel quite emotional and a little sentimental reading the Full Circle poem from the Family section which is about the Sandwich Generation. There is also an "epilogue" poem that sums up the style of the book really well and finishes it perfectly.
The book brought some great memories back for me as my Grandad used to make up funny rhymes for me when I was little. 
I also have to mention the illustrations within the book are great cartoon style and really fit the poems well. They give you a visual image of the poem.
This book is an ideal "gift book" or to share poems from at a family gathering. It's a good one to read on the journey to and from work or on your tea break. I'd also say this book is an ideal gift for a work colleague retiring or just for a family member who could use a chuckle.
This book does make you smile, smirk, snicker, giggle, chuckle and laugh right out loud. I think it has a poem within it for everyone to identify with.
So did I enjoy the book? I really did, it would be the type of book I would buy as a stocking filler gift at Christmas for my mum or dad.
Would I recommend the book? Yes, is the perfect fun gift. Have I ever read similar books? Yes, when I worked at WHSmiths I used to love putting out the "gift books" and having a little sneaky read. Would I read other books of this type? I have done previously and love them. I think we all need a book that can make us smile to hand these days! I would certainly consider buying this one as a gift for people too. Would I want to read other titles by this author? Definitely if it was more of these types of poems. I'd certainly take a look at any book written by her.

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