Thursday, 21 January 2021


This year one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to be more structured in my approach to blogging and to plan my reading a little better, along with a more prepared approach to putting together different posts for my blog, but time running away from you and ending up feeling and looking to outsiders un-organised is a side effect of being a full-time-carer! I do honestly start out with really good intentions of reading lots and lots of books and sharing my reviews of those before or around their publication dates, unfortunately that doesn’t always happen.

So, I decided to put all these books, the ones I manage to read, the ones I have and plan on reading and other titles that I like the sound of and think are interesting too into monthly posts on my blog. This is the first one of those posts, and features January titles.

Yes, it proves the point of being organised/dis-organised as it is the 21st January!! But here goes! Let’s just hope I am earlier with the following months post!

I'll start with the book I am currently reading

Other titles I like the look/sound of and/or hope to get around to reading are . . . 

What January books have caught your eye?
Which January releases have you read or intend on reading?


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