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Andrew M. Crusoe

Conceived and written on the Big Island of Hawaii, regarded as the heart chakra of the planet itself, the story has a heart-centered approach, metaphorically and literally. It’s also one of the few novels featuring Ānāpānasati meditation, a technique that stretches back millennia. And most importantly, this novel is based on the Ra Material (aka. The Law of One), woven from truths that transcend space and time, applying anywhere in the universe in any era. Thus, many people describe it as “Transcendental Science Fiction.”

At first glance, this is a fast-paced story about self-forgiveness, healing, and courage, but underneath the surface are strong themes of cosmic mythology, personal growth, and spiritual evolution. What we truly are is indestructible, and this story is built around that truth. Although technically the 2nd book in this series, the characters and conflict are reintroduced. This book does not require you to have read anything else in order to appreciate the story herein.

Title: The Island On The Edge Of Forever
Author: Andrew M. Crusoe
Release Date: 25th May 2015

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Beyond the Known Cosmos, on the other side of time…

When Asha and Zahn return to the sapphire forests of Avani after a pivotal victory over the Vakragha, they celebrate their miraculous survival, taking a well-deserved break from the galactic conflict… only to find conflict within themselves.

Bent on consuming every star in the galaxy, the Vakragha will return, and Asha and Zahn consider their options carefully. Yet to everyone’s surprise, a Confederation pilot lands with a new mission: to recover The Kiss of Life. Capable of reviving the dead, the ancient artifact is singular in its power, and if the chthonic Vakragha are allowed to retrieve it, their reign of terror would be unstoppable.

Swept up into an adventure to find the Kiss of Life, Asha crashes on a remote planet and discovers a mysterious island that comes to life with villagers and roaring bonfires every night, only to find that any trace of them vanishes each morning. Add deadly cave creatures into the mix, and Asha is pushed to rely on her intuition, courage, and self-confidence to survive the Island of Forever and return home alive. Finding peace on the island is challenging, but finding peace within herself is the greatest challenge of all.

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Title: The Loveliest Abyss In The Universe
Author: Andrew M. Crusoe
Release Date: 27th March 2015

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When the sacred Order of Nirangi opens a portal into a hellish realm, Sujan’s life will never be the same. 

The portal, created by a bizarre, ringed machine that tears fissures into the fabric of spacetime itself, shows the Nirangi scientists a glimpse into a realm covered in roiling lava lakes and gushing volcanos, leaving them petrified and humbled. Afterward, Madam Viragat, the overseer of the project, is bent on using their recording of the glimpse to scare the populous into submission. Despite incomplete data, she insists that the hellish realm they saw was the spiritual abyss, the true fate of the unsanctified after death. 

Only Sujan, a brilliant young scientist, is willing to investigate further, making a shocking discovery. Now he must choose. Will he succumb to Madam Viragat’s authority and support her version of the facts? Or will he stand up for the truth, putting his personal safety in jeopardy?

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Title: The Secret Beneath The Ice
Author: Andrew M. Crusoe
Series: The Aravinda Series
Release Date: 30th November 2012

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When a thoughtship and its pilot finally reach Avani, the shimmering gem of the western spiral arm, they barely have a chance to marvel at its sapphire forests before they are ambushed by an enemy far beyond their understanding.

In the midst of the attack, a fragment is sliced off of the ship causing them to tumble out of control, down to the planet's surface. An ice-covered continent to the south is the only viable landing site. Lucky for them, what hides beneath may give them the chance to escape before isolation drives them mad. Yet unbeknownst to them, the crash-landing sets into motion a series of events that no one in the galaxy could have ever imagined.

This short story is a prequel to the "The Truth Beyond the Sky," available now

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Title: The Truth Beyond The Sky
Author: Andrew M. Crusoe
Release Date: 12th December 2012

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When Zahn recovers an extraordinary meteorite impacted into the silvery beach near his home, the course of his life is changed forever. At first, fear holds him back, and he hides it away for days, even from his own father. If it truly is what he suspects it to be, everything on Avani would change. All the while, the mystery of his mother's disappearance continues to plague him, even after twelve years. And he cannot shake the feeling that she is somehow still alive.

And then, in the midst of unspeakable dreams, he is awoken by a tapping at his window. Someone has come for the meteorite, and Zahn soon finds himself swept up into a galactic adventure, encountering a stunning pilot, 5th-density creatures of light, and an ancient chthonic evil, bent on consuming every star in the galaxy. Only the Pearl of Great Price, an ancient stone capable of healing fissures in spacetime itself, offers any hope. The only problem is, it's been missing for aeons. And through their quest, Zahn learns that there may be more to his mother's disappearance than anyone on his world could have ever imagined. 

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Traveller. Author. Photographer. Designer. Net-diver.

"I created the Epic of Aravinda series because I know that the Art of Storytelling can be used to change the world. My weapon-of-choice is Transcendental Science Fiction, weaving fast-paced adventure with the language of mythology, and I feel honored to be able to wield it here to express universal truths in a fresh, new light. This is only the beginning." - AMC

Andrew was born in California, hitchhikes regularly, and is currently writing the sequel to THE TRUTH BEYOND THE SKY on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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