Monday 4 June 2012


Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books (Quercus)
Pages: 15

BLURB from Goodreads
5,000-word humorous mini story which takes place immediately after the events of the novel, "The Vampire Shrink." Denver Psychologist Kismet Knight counsels vampires. Apparently, some vampires are easier to counsel than others.

The author kindly let me know when this was available and I bought it from
I like the cover, even though I had presumed that the couple depicted on the front were Kismet and Devereux. In fact the couple is actually a totally different couple Falcon and Yvonne. They are a couple of Kismet's "special" "after dark clients" (vampire clients).
This novella is only a very short story of Falcon and Yvonne's counselling session with Kismet. Once again Lynda keeps us away from the typical type of vampire book. This novella is an incident that happens just after bk 1. which means Kismet has moved into the building owned by Devereux, and to a point is considered under his protection.
In the counselling session Kismet is trying to deal with Falcon and Yvonne's relationship and the fact that they are blood bound. A blood bond means you are tied until one or the other is dead.
I enjoyed this little taster of Kismet, but it made me want more! The novella felt like it could be the opening chapter of BK2, which I cannot wait for and is certainly on my wish list.
So did I enjoy it? Yes, just wanted even more, I got my Kismet fix but wanted more perhaps a little Devereux fix too! Would I read more Vampire Shrink books/novellas? Yes. Would I read other titles by Lynda Hilburn? Yes! So finally, Would I recommend this author/series? YES as I said in my review of The Vampire Shrink is Vampires for mums!

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