Sunday, 7 October 2012


BLURB from the Author

"Thorns of misery snagged her soul, piercing deep until she bled buried memories, cried tears of forgotten sorrow." 

Captured at the fragile age of nine, Bronwyn suffered five years under the cruel Natsia. Unhindered by her tormented past, she escapes a frozen land ravaged by a racial war between the witch clans. Thriving under the love of her sisters, Bronwyn forges a bond that opens her eyes to the beauty of darkness. Within that darkness she uncovers many terrifying secrets that set flame to the stagnant war.
With her sisters each overcoming dark pasts, Bronwyn finds solace in mending wounds and innocently discovers morbid truths, leading her to believe 'pain is the voice of life and it sings in glorious torture.'
In this first book of the Bronwyn Forellorn trilogy, a group of young witches learn to come together while the rest of the world is torn apart by racial differences and beliefs. The Dreamer's Scars explores the importance of friendship, the loss of loved ones, facing severe consequences, and a struggle to overcome tragedy. 
Filled with vivid imagery and lyrical writing, the Bronwyn Forellorn trilogy follows a young girl's escape from captivity to her inevitable path onto the front lines of a violent war.

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